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Innovation FEST is an event fostering connections, exchanging knowledge, and encouraging collaboration to achieve success in a rapidly changing world driven by innovation. INNoFest is the place where true wonders of innovation can happen,where the right connections are made, and transformative ideas are born.

Most of Innovation NEST investments receive mentoring and guidance from IN members.


As a general rule, Innovation NEST in Balkan region based startups with high growth potential.


Innovation NEST works well thanks to the exclusive and experienced nature of its members

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The Innovation Festival was a breath of fresh air for Albania and the Balkans. It should be a model that is improved and repeated a couple times a year in order to truly drive the benefits for the entrepreneurs and lawmakers in Albania as Politics and Commerce finds a way to put Albania on the map in the next 5 years.

Denis Dreni - Silicon Valley
Global Go-To-Market & Strategic Negotiations Leader in Software Innovation of Cloud, Saas, Mobile & Payments Industry

"I very much enjoyed the IN Festival in Tirana last September. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded, not only as a key speaker, but also as a participant. A unique experience "

Åsa Jarskog
Jarskog Konsult AB

The purpose of Innovation Nest for 2022 is to development a conference in the style of Ted Talk, where the two billionaires will discuss with young people who are interested in the field of technology and entrepreneurship

John Paul

John Paul DeJoria is the founder of tequila maker Patrón Spirits Co. and cofounder of hair care company John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Jonathan Kendrick

Jonathan Kendrick is an Executive Producer for “Wonders of the Sea” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The INN Board Member is a private network with a large business experience and vision to support qualitative business ideas in their early phase/or not in financial terms, know how, advice and network access. Membership for being part of INN Board Member is by invitation only.

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