Potential Sectors

Innovation NEST potential sectors;

  • ICT
  • Software and multimedia
  • Medtech, biotech
  • Environment, energy & health
  • Creative industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & its processing
  • Retail & Services.
  • All the sectors linked with digitalization progress.

As a Business Angel Network in Balkan Region, Innovation NEST  (IN) will have an indirect and direct impact, systemic approach to strengthen and fostering the transformation momentum of the socio-economic system and delivers business support services in the regions in 4 important pillars; 

  • Innovation NEST does not have a sector focus to include innovation and opportunities wherever they occur;
  • Innovation NEST serves entrepreneurs at all stages along the life cycle of business creation;
  • Innovation NEST serves entrepreneurs of all age groups supporting providing financial and angels support and also support customized, individualized expertise;
  • Innovation NEST focuses on Western Balkan countries and metropolitan areas with the biggest pool of talent.