Investors Board members

The typical investor member of Innovation NEST network is a private individual with a large business experience and the means and attitude to support startups in their early phase with money, advice and network access. Membership is by invitation only. Interested people can participate as guests to one or two dinner meetings.


As a member of IN you can profit from:

Participation in up to 3 dinner meetings per year, each has two to three company presentations; Full access to the database of all projects submitted so far, with the possibility to comment projects; Full access to the member list (not viewable for nonmembers); Pre-selection of projects by a jury of members; Possibility to submit own projects to IN; If possible, these will be treated as a priority opportunity; Possibility to carry out a due diligence with other members and, if interested, invest in the project; Participation in events of IN program; Your own an IN member card.

No investment recommendation

Presentations by companies at dinner meetings do not constitute investment recommendations. The presenting companies were generally tested minimally. A detailed examination will be carried out in the form of a due diligence by the interested members. IN is not involved in any investment and declines any responsibility for the form, content and outcome of such a transaction. You alone are responsible for the selection of projects in which you want to engage and for the form and extent of such a commitment.

Dinner meetings

Dinner meetings are closed events for company presentations and networking. After a few years of membership, there will be more and more joint engagements with other members. The dinner meetings therefore serve not only to discover new projects, but also to discuss existing ones. Dinner meetings are also a welcome occasion to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded members and guests.


When entering the club a one-time admission fee of 500 Euro is charged (VAT not included), which includes both the costs for the dinner meetings as well as the cost of management. Participation in the dinner meetings of the other section is possible at no extra charge. No fees, commissions, finder fees, etc. will be charged for financing, contacts, etc.

Become a member

Membership is usually by invitation. In case of mutual interest and liking, the guest submits his CV with his motivation to join. The Board then decides on the admission. Recommendations from other members are advantageous. A compelling requirement for a membership is the ability and willingness to invest. If you are willing to invest and are interested in becoming a member of IN investor’s members, please contact the management. Please contact the management

Investors Board members