About Us

Innovation NEST is a Balkan Business Angel Network based in Albania, to support, invest, incubate, and help developing new-technologies industries and enterprises on Western Balkan 6 countries (WB6), in being innovative and competitive towards the internalization of their presence in respective countries, region and worldwide.

INN goals:

  1. Collaborates & Promotes entrepreneurship (young, women especially);
  2. Helps early stage high tech start-ups thrive & supports employment of youngsters in a growing ICT industry;
  3. Create social impact in long term;
  4. Brings commercially viable technologies & business to local &global market;
  5. Drive success on targeting key people.
  6. Support the Digital Skills & Talent (Develop more and better skilled graduates; Encourage entrepreneurship as a career choice; Improve research skill development)

INN objectives:

  1. Improve of cooperation at a strategy level between all the stakeholders
  2. Further improvement in both soft and hard infrastructure
  3. Increase of available funds (venture capital, seed funding, and angel investors)
  4. Capacity building and respective training focusing in pointing out the most skilled when talking about ICT though coaching and mentoring.
  5. Focus on specific programmes so in order to foster the culture among youth people on entrepreneurship and technology