INN Program

The IN boot camps and workshops are running parallel to the accelerator training so the program acts as a method of due diligence for the investors, and it gives them the time to learn the companies as well as the process.

During 2019 on “Tuesdays”: Angel talks every Tuesday close to Innovation NEST/ dinner-meetings are the occasion to meet informally and engage with innovators and investors. Innovation NEST provides not just an ergonomic seating and high-speed internet: it is positioned in a quiet location close to the center of Tirana. Gorgeous and versatile, our space fosters collaboration and creativity for individuals, groups, and events. Whether you need peace and quiet or an energizing buzz of activity, every square foot is intended to facilitate inspiration.

Angels Talk Day – Open brainstorm sessions every Tuesday from January –December 2019, in Startups, emerging entrepreneurs & change makers; deliver the tools, training, resources, network & access to capital at the right place & at the right time; founded on the principal that we need to meet new business starters where they are.

Launch: you have an idea and you’re ready to do it, but how? We’ll give you the path, tools, and network

Grow: You’ve started, and now you know what you don’t know. IN will decode the answers and the road to growth and scale.Funding: Our funding programs cover the range of funding needs, from grants & loans to crowdfunding, to the pursuit of equity.