Innovation NEST is a Balkan Business Angel Network based in Albania, to support, invest, incubate, and help developing new-technologies industries and enterprises on Western Balkan 6 countries (WB6), in being innovative and competitive towards the internalization of their presence in respective countries, region and worldwide.  

IN supports young companies and invests to take a minority stake in the companies. We strongly believe that the future of our economic system lies in startups.  Their innovativeness and entrepreneurial spirit give a drive to the Balkan region economy.

Innovation Nest is open call to all entrepreneurs in all sectors of Startups, Investors, SME’s, Women & Young’s enterprises to get engaged in digital transformation process. Innovation Nest is an influencer incubator in WB6 countries- entrepreneurs to launch, training, grow, raise money & networking to help business angel’s network to improve their skills and change the world. IN is a very active actor in promoting the competitiveness of the SME sector through the ICT industry.