What happen if you apply?

Pre – Check

If you are not sure whether you want to submit your project to us, you can send the summary (first page) of the business plan to . We will give you feedback as soon as possible.

Online Registration

The only way to a presentation is via this form, which you should fill in completely.

Please refrain from entrusting highly confidential information.

Monthly selection

The local Jury receives a monthly list of the projects submitted in the last four weeks and selects those which it finds particularly interesting. These, along with interesting projects of previous months, are candidates for a presentation slot at the dinner meeting.

Invitation to the dinner meeting

The invitation to pitch is usually made by phone two weeks to 10 days before the event. On average, every third project that has registered will be invited to present.

Dinner meeting

Your participation in a dinner meeting is portrayed here:

The presentation should last max. 7 minutes, If it lasts longer, we will stop you.

Q&A last around 10 minutes, we expect full transparency, including investment conditions.

Feedback: All members and guests are invited to complete a structured feedback questionnaire. They also indicate their interest in investing in your project. You will receive a summary feedback on the day after your presentation, so that you can estimate how your presentation was received and whether members are interested in making an investment.


When entering the club a one-time admission fee of 350 Euro (VAT not included) is charged, which includes both the costs for the training modules, boot camps, dinner meetings as well as the cost of management. Participation in the dinner meetings of the other section is possible at no extra charge. No fees, commissions, finder fees, etc. will be charged for financing, contacts, etc.

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