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  • January 1st: Launching of the open call to all entrepreneurs (startups, SME’s, Investors, Women & Young’s enterprises) to apply & challenge with the best business ideas in all that sectors that are engaged with digital transformation process in the Wester Balkan 6 countries (Albania, Kosovo, B&H, Montenegro, Macedonia & Serbia).
  • January 31st: After the selection phase of the applications, INN SC (selection committee) distinguished top 20 best business ideas from 150 applications received at;
  • Feb 1st: INN SC published the awardee top 20 to be part of INN process to support, invest, incubate, & help developing new-technologies industries and enterprises on WB6.
  • Feb-March: INN SC elaborate 1:1 meetings & top 20 pitches in front of INN SC in Albania.
  • March 18th; INN Official announced INN representatives in Macedonia, Montengro, Kosovo and Bosnia & Hercegovina;
  • April 2-3rd: 1st INN Bootcamp in Module 1 & 2 on “Find your business model”, “Market & customer validation”, “Market analysis &Business Model Canvas”, “Business Model Canvas” hosted by Mr. Celik Nimani, Mr. Laert Zogjani & Mr. Juan Carlos Murales with the Swiss EP in Albania support.
  • April 19th, 2019: Cooperation Agreement between INN and Risi Albania
  • April 23rd , 2019: MoU Cooperation Agreement between INN and AIDA (Albanian Investment Development Agency) sharing similar a common objective to cooperate in areas of mutual concerns to promote and coordinate on the implementation of economic & sustainable enterprises development efforts in socio-economic agenda and initiatives for Albanian and Western Balkan 6 countries.
  • April 29th , 2019: COOPERATION AGREEMENT between INN and RISI Albania with a common goal to attract domestic and foreign investment in the IT and other sectors by facilitating matching between private investors and established business to enable them to grow faster and employ young people. Facilitating private investment will contribute to fill a gap in the market where access to credit remains limited for small companies because of high requirements by banks.
  • ICC agreement-
  • May 10th: Module 3 on International Marketing & Sales hosted by Ms. Kristina McMenamin with the Swiss EP in Albania support.
  • May 31st, 2019: INN Web platform was launched:
  • June 11th, 2019: Module 4 on Investment Redness; “Fund Raising and Capital Access” hosted by Ms. Ivana Stankovic and Mr. Igor Madzov from SC-ventures with the Swiss EP in Albania support.
  • June 15th, 2019: INN APP was launched.
  • June 2019- Sept 2019: INN 1:1 meeting with TOP 20 & Investors. ( Ongoing process).
  • July 5th – Open Call for ‘UNWRAP THE FUTURE OF FOOD & BEVERAGE’ Regional Challenge for the Prevention and Reduction of Single-use plastic packaging in the food and beverage Sector. Launched by INN & SPC/RAC.
  • Sept 12thWomen Founders Network Event hosted near the Swiss Ep facilities, in Tirana.
  • September 25th & 26th– Incubation Process including 2 tailored modules & INN Bootcamp mentorship. Module 5-6: How to make professional pitches, fundraising, refining & needs and feedback stage, 1; 1 meetings, etc.
  • September 26th– Special event for INN club investors. Become a member! The typical investor member of Innovation NEST network is a private individual with a large business experience and the means and attitude to support startups in their early phase with money, advice and network access. Membership is by invitation only. Interested people can participate as guests to one or two dinner meetings.
  • October 24th &25th , 2019– Innovation Nest Festival at arTurbina. DRECREATE.INSPIRE.


Innovation Nest- Ambasada e Republikës së Shqipërisë në Zvicër
Edicioni i 2-të i Innovation NEST Festival
Innovation Nest- Albanian Embassy in the United Kingdom
NEST, launch event on 4 October 2018 in Tirana
Innovation Nest Festival
2nd edition of Innovation NEST Festival in Albania
Linda shomo: The new member of Innovation Board Member
Co-founder Fabiola Duro: Innovation Nest, bridging start-ups with angel investors
NEST Innovation Festival Tirana 2019
Inn at Scan Tv: The challenge of Innovation in Albania